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General Remodeling

When choosing a Spokane area contractor for your remodel project, considering the future along with today and tomorrow's desires can go a long way. With the knowledge of every structural component from the ground up, North Ridge Contracting can provide the insight you need. It is important to be well informed of every implication of your desired remodel and have a plan that will not only meet your needs now, but set you up for a lifetime of enjoying your investment. By understanding the building process in its entirety, you can rest assured that we will provide an end product that meets your expectations. You can also be confident that the work will last a lifetime without worry of complications due to poor form or ignored secondary effects from structural changes.

North Ridge Contracting has the expertise to understand your project and how it will impact your existing structure in every way so that you can analyze the cause and effect of moving or removing walls, changing basic structures, etc. If long term plans are in your mind but not your budget, North Ridge Contracting can design a plan to implement today that will set you up ready for your next project when you get there, avoiding unneccesary repetition of processes down the road. Accurate knowledge of the tools for each and every style or need is a large part of the quality work that we provide.

North Ridge Contracting holds a high standard for worksite cleanliness, and we will take the utmost care to ensure that your home remains a home, reducing the impact of the work on the environment as much as possible. We take extra care to protect floors and put up dust protection barriers to keep your home looking and feeling clean and comfortable.

With proven job scheduling technology behind our work, North Ridge Contracting can ensure a schedule that keeps your project on time and in budget, and give you a projection of planned work ahead of time, so you stay in the loop. Contact us today to make your vision a reality!

After obtaining his degree in carpentry, Dale progressed to Crew Foreman within one week, and Project Superintendent within his first 3 months, due to his remarkable depth of understanding of the building process.