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Custom Homes: Your dream, Our business.

With our extensive experience in new construction, North Ridge Contracting, Inc. can guide you through the process from beginning to end. We will help you understand the overview of the whole project, from permits to finishing touches.

We will begin with conversations to help you understand the various elements that may influence your project plan, decision making information, and projections for project stages. We will also help you make important decisions on material choices that will help us meet your budget requirements without sacrificing the quality you desire.

Building a new home is an exciting process, and we at North Ridge Contracting want to make your dream a reality. By joining our expertise with your vision, your Spokane custom home or remodel can be completed on time, in budget, and up to your expectation.

At the end of your project, we will provide you a booklet on your project which includes all necessary information about your home - one place where you can go to look for paint colors, instruction manuals, warranties, and much more.

With proven job scheduling technology behind our work, North Ridge Contracting can ensure a schedule that keeps your project on time and in budget, and give you a projection of planned work ahead of time, so you stay in the loop. Contact us today to make your vision a reality!

Some local projects Dale has performed include the Eastside Spokane Library, Tawanka Commons at EWU, Village Apartments in Spokane Valley, Kibbie Dome at University of Idaho and Broadway Building in Spokane.