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Worksite Policies

North Ridge Contracting has a high standard of excellence in our work and for our employees. We respect the homes we work in as we would our own.

Our policies for our employees at the worksite include the following:

  • Cleanliness and Order: North Ridge Contracting works hard and puts precautions in place to create the least amount of disruption with our work. We go the extra mile to keep your home clean and reduce our impact on your space. Work for the day is not done until the worksite is neat and clean.
  • Attentiveness on the job: Employees are expected to be performing their best and focused on their work. For this reason, personal calls are limited and distractions reduced so that our every effort is geared towards a high quality product for the customer.
  • Professionalism: Our employees are expected to represent North Ridge Contracting with their best personal skills and as part of a professional building team by using appropriate language, attire, and demeanor.
  • Drugs/Alcohol: North Ridge Contracting reserves the right to submit employees to random drug tests and strictly prohibits the use of these, or being under the influence at the worksite.

After obtaining his degree in carpentry, Dale progressed to Crew Foreman within one week, and Project Superintendent within his first 3 months, due to his remarkable depth of understanding of the building process.