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Our Philosophy: Every Project Counts

North Ridge Contracting bases its business philosophy on integrity: We stand firm in the belief that an educated customer is a happy customer. We also believe that you work as hard as we do, and we value your money as we would our own. Unlike some of our competition who will quote unrealistically low prices just to get business in the door, then surprise you later with additional problems that more than likely could have been foreseen, North Ridge Contracting promises to provide up front and complete information to help you navigate the many decisions involved in your project.

With the information and new knowledge that North Ridge Contracting will provide, you will learn how to make those important decisions from an educated standpoint and get the best bang for your buck, without sacrificing the quality you dream of.

Whether it is a kitchen remodel, custom home, or addition, North Ridge Contracting has a detailed and specific quote and estimate format that will help you understand our pricing line by line. We will help you learn how the whole project will come together, understand the implications of every decision you make, and find ways to make your dream project come true for the best use of your hard earned money. We welcome your questions and hope to make you a happy customer, from beginning to end.

Dale Cargile has built numerous major commercial projects in his career: 13 as Project Superintendent and 10 as General Project Manager, prior to opening North Ridge Contracting.