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Our Philosophy: High Quality You Can Trust

Our company is guided by the following principles:

  • We aim to bring TRUST back to the homeowner-builder relationship. Too often, contractors are seen as untrustworthy. At North Ridge Contracting, we provide transparent budgeting practices as well as an unwavering standard for high quality work that you can count on.
  • We believe an educated customer is a happy customer. We strive to have our customers understand the process of their build as deeply as they wish to. We provide ample information and spend time educating our customers to make wise decisions with their budget and materials choices.
  • We treat you as we want to be treated. In budgeting, we treat your hard-earned money as if it were our own - one of the reasons we offer transparency in our budgets. In materials and quality, we refuse to cut corners and sacrifice quality. Our high standards mean high quality products that you can enjoy for a lifetime of use.

Dale Cargile has built numerous major commercial projects in his career: 13 as Project Superintendent and 10 as General Project Manager, prior to opening North Ridge Contracting.